Excalibur Safety is a Canadian company that is committed to providing expert direction and access to gaining the skills necessary to provide effective life saving medical care in emergency situations. A variety of courses and classes are offered to prepare individuals for whatever they may need to be confident while providing thorough, life sustaining assistance. The courses offered are taught by trained professionals who all have extensive backgrounds in the emergency services industry.

The instructors are dedicated to enforcing and instilling the principles of well being and advocacy for the patient, all while ensuring that all participants gain as much knowledge and confidence in order to be properly prepared. Excalibur Safety is based out of Sherwood Park, Alberta and is an important step in developing the first-class skills and knowledge required in order to deliver paramount emergency medical assistance.

  • Great CPR class. Teacher was very friendly and would go over everything till I fully understood. Made me feel relaxed and confident in the skills being taught to me.
    Kristina Pubantz
  • When I signed up to take the course, I was nervous and unsure what to expect. After completing everything I felt much more comfortable and felt as if I had the necessary skills to provide appropriate initial medical services if required. The course was thorough and informative and I would highly recommend it to people interested in providing emergency care.
    Jennifer Oliver
  • When I took the course with Excalibur, the instructors were thorough yet efficient, and highlighted all the key information and changes as necessary. The course was interesting & the participants were engaged the entire time. Even though I was only renewing my course, the instructors still made it interesting. I feel more comfortable at work after taking the course.
    Teri Fahner, RN
  • Even though I don't use CPR on a regular basis this course provided me with the knowledge to make me feel confident in providing on scene care until a responder would be able to take over. I also feel like I am able to keep my family safe in an emergency. Thank you Excalibur Safety!
    Ryan Priebe