Technical Rescue

High angle and slope

“If the legs of someone who’s immobilized in a harness are relaxed, the first signs of discomfort and shock can begin in as little as three minutes, with an average onset between five to 20 minutes. Fainting generally soon follows the onset of pre-syncopal symptoms. When fainting occurs, the natural response is to move to a horizontal position with a return of circulation. If fainting occurs in a forced upright position, death can occur within minutes. Another complication that can hasten death is the loss of a patent airway when the head flexes forward.” -William Raynovich, NREMT-P, EdD, associate professor of EMS for Creighton University, Omaha, Neb.

Excalibur Safety is pleased to offer technical rescue services throughout Alberta. The same quality you expect from Excalibur’s instructors is brought to the technical rescue world. All of our technical rescue team members hold NFPA Operations and Technician level certifications and are currently employed in the emergency services industry.

Services are priced on a quoted basis and require a consultation to insure you are provided with the best services to meet your needs, within your budget.

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