• Great CPR class. Teacher was very friendly and would go over everything till I fully understood. Made me feel relaxed and confident in the skills being taught to me.
    Kristina Pubantz
  • When I signed up to take the course, I was nervous and unsure what to expect. After completing everything I felt much more comfortable and felt as if I had the necessary skills to provide appropriate initial medical services if required. The course was thorough and informative and I would highly recommend it to people interested in providing emergency care.
    Jennifer Oliver
  • When I took the course with Excalibur, the instructors were thorough yet efficient, and highlighted all the key information and changes as necessary. The course was interesting & the participants were engaged the entire time. Even though I was only renewing my course, the instructors still made it interesting. I feel more comfortable at work after taking the course.
    Teri Fahner, RN
  • Even though I don't use CPR on a regular basis this course provided me with the knowledge to make me feel confident in providing on scene care until a responder would be able to take over. I also feel like I am able to keep my family safe in an emergency. Thank you Excalibur Safety!
    Ryan Priebe